Community911 is dedicated to improving health and safety in the community by providing quality education and training services for professionals, businesses and community members. ​We support health services education and training based on the core values of Prevention, Identification, Intervention, Innovation and Engagement. Community911 providers have the improved ability to respond during emergency medical situations and influence better outcomes for all who are at risk for, or suffer from, acute and chronic medical emergencies.​

EMS Subscriptions​ for Individuals and Agencies:

EMS professionals receive access to continuing education classes and discounts on certificate training. Agency subscriptions are a great way to support personnel in their education, reduce training costs and interact with other regional providers.
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NCCR CLASS SCHEDULE FOR Fall 2015 coming soon!

Get Involved: Become a Community911 Member

Everyone has a role to play in an emergency. We encourage involvement from everyone. Please contact us about our programs and to discuss how we can work together to help make a difference.

Ways to participate:

Invite Us To Co-Host Community Safety Events

Fundraising Events To Support Training Of First Responders

Learn CPR

First Aid Training

Home Safety Programs

Engage Your Co-Workers To Be Prepared

And More...​​

Chok​esaver Training

​Are you ready to respond if a customer experiences a medical emergency in your establishment? Keep your patrons safe and meet the requirements for Massachusetts Regulation - 105 CMR 590.009(E) that “…requires that all food service establishments containing (25) twenty-five seats or more must have a person certified in choke saving on premises when food is being sold.”​
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​Not in food service but want to learn basic CPR?  Join us for the Chokesaver training and be prepared to make a difference during an emergency.

Health Care Education and Certifications For: Professionals, Business and the Community

Training Center
​38 Haywood St., Greenfield MA