About Us

Community911 was born from a career of providing emergency medical care throughout Western MA and beyond. Rooted in the deep understanding that every person can make a difference to someone suffering from illness or injury, we strive to provide high quality, effective programs that engage participants and excite them about learning. Our goal is to bridge the gap between textbook, theory and reality, helping Community911 providers feel confident in their training and ready to act when called on in an emergency. We are here to support everyone including emergency first responders, businesses, hospitals, doctors offices, schools and every community member who wants to make a difference. We are committed to empowering people through education and training.  

Matt Wolkenbreit, Executive Director & Lead Instructor

Executive Director and Lead instructor Matt Wolkenbreit has been providing emergency medical care to the community for over 15 years, as an EMT, Firefighter, Paramedic and EMS educator. In clinical practice Matt has worked for rural volunteer departments, busy metropolitan systems and hospital based services. He brings this broad experience to every program he participates in. As an educator he has championed many regional training initiatives as well as certification training for health care providers of all skill levels, backgrounds and experiences. Matt is an actively practicing Nationally Registered Paramedic in Franklin County, MA and is serves as faculty for all of our American Heart Association, National Association of EMT's and National Safety Council offerings including CPR, First AId, Trauma Life Support, Advanced Emergency Medical Response courses as well as many other programs.

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